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The New FW30 

The Williams Toyota FW30, was unveiled today with its new livery for this year’s Formula One Championship.

“With four years of regulation stability, we have a good basis to be progressive about the development of this season’s car,” the team’s Technical Director, Sam Michael, explained
“With a good reliability record last year, we have been able to build on this quality while also turning some of our attention to clear performance objectives.”
“Our focus has been on performance as well as refining our packaging and weight distribution. 
 We are designing a tidier car with a higher standard of build quality.
The FW30 should represent a good step forward when all of the many small areas of attention and improvement are brought together in the overall package,” added Michael.

With good times in winter testing, it looks like podium finishes may happen this season


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Kazuki Nakajima 

The Williams F1 team have decided to pack up and head back to their headquarters in the UK after only 2 days of testing in Barcelona

The had new parts flown in on Frank Williams private plane this morning, which were fitted to the Fw30, but the team feel they have not fully resolved the problem of what caused Nakajimas crash yesterday.

So they decided to pack up and leave.

The team hope to go to Jerez next week to test again

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 Kazuki Nakajima

The Williams F1 team have stopped testing for today.

Kazuki Nakajima had a nasty high speed crash this morning, but luckily he walked away unhurt.  Thw williams team then decided to stop testing for today, until they could find the cause of the accident.

At the time Nico Rosberg was also on track in the FW30, but they decided to bring him in, and check his car didn’t have the same problems which caused Nakajima to go off.

The practice session was stopped for nearly 20 minutes while track marshals removed Nakajimas FW30.
A team spokesman has said of Nakajima, “He is fine. It was related to a front wing mounting issue which will be fixed and the car will be running again tomorrow.”

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