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Alonso has finished a surprise fastest in the final practice session.

Considering he had a blown engine at the end of the 1st practice, he has recovered very well.


1.  ALONSO        Renault       1m15.778s
2.  MASSA         Ferrari       1m15.854s
3.  RAIKKONEN     Ferrari       1m15.999s
4.  HAMILTON      McLaren       1m16.232s
5.  VETTEL        Toro Rosso    1m16.298s
6.  KUBICA        BMW           1m16.317s
7.  KOVALAINEN    McLaren       1m16.340s
8.  HEIDFELD      BMW           1m16.458s
9.  ALONSO        Renault       1m16.543s
10. COULTHARD     Red Bull      1m16.572s
11. ROSBERG       Williams      1m16.682s
12. TRULLI        Toyota        1m16.743s
13. BOURDAIS      Toro Rosso    1m16.758s
14. NAKAJIMA      Williams      1m17.002s
15. GLOCK         Toyota        1m17.092s
16. WEBBER        Red Bull      1m17.106s
17. BUTTON        Honda         1m17.244s
18. FISICHELLA    Force India   1m17.394s
19. BARRICHELLO   Honda         1m17.591s
20. SUTIL         Force India   1m17.868s


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For 3 days this week the F1 teams have been testing in Barcelona

Anthony Davidson was back in action this week, after losing his F1 drive, after the Super Aguri team folded 6 weeks ago. He was asked by the Honda F1 team to help with testing the Honda RA108, while regular tester Alex Wurz is racing in the Le Mans 24 Hour race this weekend.

Luca Badoer was fastest for the 1st 2 days, and Piquet ended up fastest on the final day.

The teams will be backin action next weekend for the French Grand Prix


Barcelona – 14/06/2008

1 . N. Piquet – Renault R28 – 1:20.076 (+ 0.000 ) – 112 laps
2 . P. de la Rosa – McLaren MP4-23 – 1:20.402 (+ 0.326 ) – 82 laps
3 . L. Badoer – Ferrari F2008 – 1:20.680 (+ 0.604 ) – 63 laps
4 . M. Webber – Red Bull Renault RB4 – 1:21.037 (+ 0.961 ) – 92 laps
5 . T. Glock – Toyota TF108 – 1:21.158 (+ 1.082 ) – 86 laps
6 . N. Heidfeld – BMW Sauber F1.08 – 1:21.295 (+ 1.219 ) – 88 laps
7 . R. Barrichello – Honda RA108 – 1:21.672 (+ 1.596 ) – 83 laps
8 . N. Hulkenberg – Williams FW30 – 1:21.674 (+ 1.598 ) – 60 laps
9 . S. Vettel – Toro Rosso STR3 – 1:21.880 (+ 1.804 ) – 72 laps.


Barcelona Friday – 13/06/2008

1 . L. Badoer – Ferrari F2008 – 1:21.013 (+ 0.000 ) – 95 laps
2 . P. de la Rosa – McLaren MP4-23 – 1:21.374 (+ 0.361 ) – 111 laps
3 . T. Glock – Toyota TF108 – 1:21.573 (+ 0.560 ) – 87 laps
4 . N. Rosberg – Williams Toyota FW30 – 1:21.614 (+ 0.601 ) – 86 laps
5 . D. Coulthard – Red Bull Renault RB4 – 1:21.668 (+ 0.655 ) – 86 laps
6 . R. Kubica – BMW Sauber F1.08 – 1:21.761 (+ 0.748 ) – 114 laps
7 . R. Barrichello – Honda RA108 – 1:21.950 (+ 0.937 ) – 122 laps
8 . N. Piquet – Renault R28 – 1:22.037 (+ 1.024 ) – 129 laps
9 . S. Bourdais – Toro Rosso STR3 – 1:22.395 (+ 1.382 ) – 101 lap


Barcelona Thursday – 12/06/2008

1 . L. Badoer – Ferrari F2008 – 1:22.412 (+ 0.000 ) – 81 laps
2 . R. Kubica – BMW Sauber F1.08 – 1:22.682 (+ 0.270 ) – 69 laps
3 . D. Coulthard – Red Bull RB4 – 1:22.724 (+ 0.312 ) – 21 laps
4 . S. Buemi – Red Bull RB4 – 1:22.764 (+ 0.352 ) – 79 laps
5 . G. Paffett – McLaren MP4-23 – 1:22.938 (+ 0.526 ) – 36 laps
6 . A. Davidson – Honda RA108 – 1:23.208 (+ 0.796 ) – 81 laps
7 . N. Hulkenberg – Williams FW30 – 1:23.619 (+ 1.207 ) – 112 laps
8 . R. Grosjean – Renault R28 – 1:23.899 (+ 1.487 ) – 60 laps
9 . K. Kobayashi – Toyota TF108 – 1:24.442 (+ 2.030 ) – 82 laps.


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Rumours in the F1 paddocks are that Ferrari and Renault are looking into the services of Robert Kubica.
Kubica has been a big star in the 2008 season so far for BMW Sauber, already securing a pole position, and currently third in the drivers’ championship classification.
The German newspaper Bild claims that officials both for Renault and Ferrari have made enquiries as to how long Kubica is under contract to BMW. 
It is understood that he is committed to BMW Sauber only until 2009, then an option to extend the deal can only be made by mutual consent.

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 Plane Similar To Piquets

Nelson Piquet Jnr, has taken delivery of a new private plane.
He was given the the plane which is a Cessna of the Citation Mustang type worth $2.6-million by Rui Thomaz de Aquino, president of the Brazilian airline TAM.

“I’m going to be able to devote more time to training, reduce distances and gain precious hours,” Piquet said.

The Brazilian driver, who will partner Fernando Alonso at Renault, said he would hire a pilot, because – unlike his father – he doesn’t have a pilot’s licence.

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 Sakon Yamamoto

The ING Renault F1 team have today confirmed that former Super Aguri & Spyker driver Sakon Yamamoto will be their new test driver for the 2008 season

Yamamoto said:

“I am very excited to join the ING Renault F1 Team for the 2008 season. It is a great honour for me to be associated with a team that has won world championships. I will learn a fantastic amount, and I look forward to contributing in every way the team asks of me.”

Flavio Briatore said :

“We are delighted to welcome Sakon to the team for 2008, We plan a particularly aggressive development programme for the coming year, and his F1 experience will be useful to us in this context.
Furthermore, the ING Renault F1 Team is one of the most active in promoting Formula One around the world thanks to our unique Roadshow programme, and Sakon will boost our visibility in important markets. He will be an important asset for the team.”

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 Nelson Piquet Jnr

You are preparing for your first F1 season and it won’t be the first time the Piquet name has been seen in Formula 1
“That’s true – and maybe it won’t be the last! I am very proud of my father’s achievements, and pleased with what I have done so far too. I have always wanted to race: there is just something inside me that loves driving, and it doesn’t matter if I am in a go-kart, a racing car or even a road car. I have earned my place in F1 on my own merits, and worked very hard to get here. After working for a year with the team as test driver, it was good to see that effort rewarded with a race drive. It is important that Renault and Flavio have chosen to put their faith in me this year.”

You have been working with the team for over a year. Do you feel ready for your F1 debut?
“If I had been given the opportunity to race last season, I would have taken it without a second thought. I am a racing driver, so what I want more than anything else is to race. But I also believe I have learned a lot as a test driver. I am going into my first season with a team I know well, and that can only be a good thing. 
To make my debut with Renault was the ideal option for me, and I am pleased that it turned out this way.”

Fernando Alonso is returning to a team where he won two world titles. How do you expect your relationship to be?
“I have never had a proper team-mate in my career; nobody I could compare myself to in order to improve. I know that I have a lot to learn from Fernando because he has a lot of F1 experience, he knows the circuits, and he has won two titles; he is the perfect benchmark. I can’t wait to start working with him because I hope he will help me to improve, and I think that together, we can do a good job for the team.”

What is your target for 2008?
“I want to get the maximum out of the package, and do a good job for the team. Of course, I am a competitive person and I would love to fight for wins, so I will do everything to make that possible. There is a lot to learn this year, but I will take every chance that comes my way!”

Do you think that the absence of driver aids could help a rookie to shine?
“The driver’s role will be even greater in 2008, and it might be easier for a young driver to do well because we are used to driving without electronic aids. Having said that, all the F1 drivers have enough experience to adapt very quickly. From my point of view, I must say that I prefer driving without the aids, because that is what I was always used to in Formula 3 and GP2.”

The F1 circus will arrive in Melbourne in just a few weeks’ time. Have you thought about it already?
“Not really to be honest, because it is still a long way off – and there is lot of work to do beforehand. I am focused on the next test sessions and our development programme. That will help me to improve my physical condition, because driving is always the best preparation; and I can continue learning, to make sure I am ready for my first Grand Prix.”

Do you think the ING Renault F1 Team can get back to the front of the field this year?
“It is always hard to say at this time of year. What I know for sure is that nobody at Renault wants another season like 2007, and everybody has given their maximum to produce a competitive car for 2008. Our rivals like McLaren, Ferrari and BMW haven’t been standing still either during the winter, and we will need to fight hard. But I know that we will do our best.”

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 Fernando Alonso

What was your feeling when you began testing with the ING Renault F1 Team in January?
“I know the team, the working methods and how Renault goes racing. We got down to work straight away, and I immediately felt comfortable with the engineers and mechanics. The welcome from the team was fantastic, and saw I lot of people I knew from when I was here before. I am happy to be back at Renault, and I think I will be more relaxed ahead of the new season.”

What did you think of the R27 when you drove it, on your return?
“It is hard to say because I only drove for two days, and I was getting used to the car without driver aids at the same time; that made it hard to have a clear opinion. It didn’t take long to get comfortable with the car, and it responded well to the set-up changes we made. After not driving all winter, it was very useful for me to get my marks. We didn’t look at the car’s ultimate pace, as that wasn’t the target. Our work was focused on preparing for the new R28.”

You drove the new car last week in Valencia.Tell us about it…
“The first test of a new car is always very exciting. As always, our first job was to make sure everything was working properly, like the safety systems and all the on-board controls. We did a lot of calibration and measurement work. My first feeling with the car was good. I think we made some good steps during the first test, and collected interesting data. We did a lot of runs, getting longer all the time to test the reliability levels of the car. It was encouraging.”

What is the development workload like at this time of year?
“There is always a lot to do at this time of year, but we are making good progress. The team is working incredibly hard, producing new parts at the factory, and at the track to make the most of our testing days. We aim to get the most out of every lap we do, and to carry on moving forward. The pre-season tests are extremely important and we are trying to exploit them to the maximum.”

Do you think the new regulations will change things out on track?
“I don’t think it will make any difference at all, to be honest. The teams have been preparing for the changes for a long time, and we are in a good situation – although the workload has been enormous. The drivers are using the winter tests to adjust their reference points and to adapt their driving style, but they will all be ready by Melbourne. After two or three races, I think we will have forgotten what it was like with driver aids, and the cars will be performing well without them. On the other hand, I think the races will be more spectacular, which will be positive for F1 fans.”

Which will be the team to beat this year?
“It is hard to make predictions at this time of the season. But if you take into account the level of competitiveness last year and what we have seen during the first tests of 2008, I think Ferrari could well be setting the pace from the start of the season.”

How are you approaching the 2008 season?
“Some people have suggested that I have unfinished business from 2007, but that’s not the way I look at it. I am preparing for this season the same way I always have done: by concentrating on my job. Our work during the winter will dictate whether or not we are competitive at the start of the championship, and that is my focus. Once we start racing, I will try and get the maximum out of the car, and to work with the engineers to improve. That has always been my approach, and will continue to be.”

You have a new team-mate in Nelson Piquet Jr. How is your relationship?
“I didn’t know him before re-joining the team. We have a good relationship because we have the same targets: to work with the team to get the most out of the car, to develop it and to help the team become competitive again.”

What are your ambitions for this year?
“The entire team is absolutely determined to get back to the top, they are pushing very hard and that is a big motivation for me. First and foremost, I am a racer, and I obviously want to win. I will do my maximum to make that happen, and I know that is what is expected from me.”

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