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Well what a day it was. The weather was great, I even mananged to get a suntanned face while waiting for autographs.

I had a paddock pass and was able to go into the pitlane and the F1 paddock.

I managed to get my photo taken with David Coulthard. I also got 4 Minichamps models signed by David for my collection.

I also managed to get my rarest Barrichello model ( Jordan 193 ) autographed by Rubens

I also got a Minichamps model signed by Fernando Alonso, although it was quickly rushed while he was running to get in his car.

But the highlight of my day was getting to see Lewis Hamilton who signed 6 baseball caps for me. He was so nice to me and my son. I also got a photo of my son with Lewis as Lewis was signing his book for my son. Although lewis spelt my son’s name wrong, so they were laughing about it together.

Lewis spent so much time signing autographs for his fans, unlike Kimi Raikkonen who hardly ever signs anything for his fans.

So I have one happy son now who has a photo with Lewis. He also had photos with Anthony Hamilton, and Nick Hamilton, ( Lewis’s Brother )

So roll on next week to the British Grand Prix, which I will also be attending




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The F1 drivers have confirmed they are unhappy about increases to the cost of obtaining their mandatory FIA superlicenses in 2008.
Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA) director Fernando Alonso did not deny that boycott action at next month’s British Grand Prix over the issue is possible.
Championship leader and GPDA member Robert Kubica said the cost of a F1 license increased by at least a factor of eight compared to last year.
“It’s quite a lot of money, especially if you are scoring points like Lewis did last year and it’s your first year in Formula One,” he said.
“But another point is that experienced drivers who don’t have a quick car are not scoring points, so they don’t care because they don’t have to pay.
“So I think it will be difficult to get all drivers to have the same idea but we are trying to convince the FIA to reduce the cost.”
McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari’s Felipe Massa, despite neither being GPDA members, told a news conference on Thursday that they also support the GPDA.
“For sure I support them,” reigning world champion Kimi Raikkonen agreed. 
“Of course it’s better if it’s not so expensive and it’s the same for everybody, but I don’t think there’s any reason to go on strike and not race. I don’t think that’s the right way to go but it would be nice if we could reduce it,” he said.
It is not clear what form a Silverstone strike might take – boycotting the drivers’ parade, an official session, or the race itself.
With individual drivers bound contractually to teams, Raikkonen admitted that a completely unified front among the 20 Grand Prix stars is unlikely.
“It’s never going to happen that all the drivers will strike. Hopefully there is some nice solution that can be found at some point,” he said.

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Bernie Ecclestone is applying more pressure to the Silverstone circuit by revealing that he is in talks with Donington Park to host future F1 races in Britain.
Ecclestone has long criticised Silverstone and has been trying to persuade the owners of the circuit, the BRDC, to upgrade the track’s facilities. In recent months, he has threatened to axe the British Grand Prix completely if his demands over the state of the circuit are not met.
However British newspaper The Times has revealed that Ecclestone is looking to safeguard the future of the British Grand Prix by talking to Donington Park management as he believes they have a better chance of coming up with the £11 million annual fee and the large investments required to run the race than Silverstone does.
“We are discussing the possibility of reaching an agreement with Donington to host the British Grand Prix,” Ecclestone explained. “We are trying to save the British Grand Prix and we want it to be staged at a venue which befits an even of it’s stature. I have been in negotiations for a long time and whether or not we are going to do a deal with Donington or Silverstone, I don’t know.
“Donington have said they are going to build everything we want. Have they got the money? Only time will tell. But I think there is more chance of Donington having the money than the BRDC.”
If Donington wishes to take over from Silverstone to host the British Grand Prix, track organisers will have a mammoth task on their hands. The track potentially needs lengthening, and a new pit, paddock area and media complex would have to be built, along with additional grandstands. The total bill for kitting the circuit out to a high enough standard to host an F1 race is likely to cost in the order of tens of millions of pounds.

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