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For 3 days this week the F1 teams have been testing in Barcelona

Anthony Davidson was back in action this week, after losing his F1 drive, after the Super Aguri team folded 6 weeks ago. He was asked by the Honda F1 team to help with testing the Honda RA108, while regular tester Alex Wurz is racing in the Le Mans 24 Hour race this weekend.

Luca Badoer was fastest for the 1st 2 days, and Piquet ended up fastest on the final day.

The teams will be backin action next weekend for the French Grand Prix


Barcelona – 14/06/2008

1 . N. Piquet – Renault R28 – 1:20.076 (+ 0.000 ) – 112 laps
2 . P. de la Rosa – McLaren MP4-23 – 1:20.402 (+ 0.326 ) – 82 laps
3 . L. Badoer – Ferrari F2008 – 1:20.680 (+ 0.604 ) – 63 laps
4 . M. Webber – Red Bull Renault RB4 – 1:21.037 (+ 0.961 ) – 92 laps
5 . T. Glock – Toyota TF108 – 1:21.158 (+ 1.082 ) – 86 laps
6 . N. Heidfeld – BMW Sauber F1.08 – 1:21.295 (+ 1.219 ) – 88 laps
7 . R. Barrichello – Honda RA108 – 1:21.672 (+ 1.596 ) – 83 laps
8 . N. Hulkenberg – Williams FW30 – 1:21.674 (+ 1.598 ) – 60 laps
9 . S. Vettel – Toro Rosso STR3 – 1:21.880 (+ 1.804 ) – 72 laps.


Barcelona Friday – 13/06/2008

1 . L. Badoer – Ferrari F2008 – 1:21.013 (+ 0.000 ) – 95 laps
2 . P. de la Rosa – McLaren MP4-23 – 1:21.374 (+ 0.361 ) – 111 laps
3 . T. Glock – Toyota TF108 – 1:21.573 (+ 0.560 ) – 87 laps
4 . N. Rosberg – Williams Toyota FW30 – 1:21.614 (+ 0.601 ) – 86 laps
5 . D. Coulthard – Red Bull Renault RB4 – 1:21.668 (+ 0.655 ) – 86 laps
6 . R. Kubica – BMW Sauber F1.08 – 1:21.761 (+ 0.748 ) – 114 laps
7 . R. Barrichello – Honda RA108 – 1:21.950 (+ 0.937 ) – 122 laps
8 . N. Piquet – Renault R28 – 1:22.037 (+ 1.024 ) – 129 laps
9 . S. Bourdais – Toro Rosso STR3 – 1:22.395 (+ 1.382 ) – 101 lap


Barcelona Thursday – 12/06/2008

1 . L. Badoer – Ferrari F2008 – 1:22.412 (+ 0.000 ) – 81 laps
2 . R. Kubica – BMW Sauber F1.08 – 1:22.682 (+ 0.270 ) – 69 laps
3 . D. Coulthard – Red Bull RB4 – 1:22.724 (+ 0.312 ) – 21 laps
4 . S. Buemi – Red Bull RB4 – 1:22.764 (+ 0.352 ) – 79 laps
5 . G. Paffett – McLaren MP4-23 – 1:22.938 (+ 0.526 ) – 36 laps
6 . A. Davidson – Honda RA108 – 1:23.208 (+ 0.796 ) – 81 laps
7 . N. Hulkenberg – Williams FW30 – 1:23.619 (+ 1.207 ) – 112 laps
8 . R. Grosjean – Renault R28 – 1:23.899 (+ 1.487 ) – 60 laps
9 . K. Kobayashi – Toyota TF108 – 1:24.442 (+ 2.030 ) – 82 laps.



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Heikki Kovalainen has spent a night in a Barcelona hospital after being knocked unconscious in a heavy crash at the Spanish Grand Prix.
Team boss Ron Dennis, who blamed the accident on a wheel rim failure, told reporters that the 26-year-old was concussed but had suffered no external injuries and brain scans showed no trauma.
He said there was a good chance of Kovalainen being available for the next race, in Turkey on May 11.

“There’s no damage or bruising or bleeding so we are quite optimistic about the next race,” said Dennis.
“I have spoken to our doctor at the hospital and they are quite optimistic at this very early stage that he will be able to race.”

Kovalainen, who was leading after both Ferraris and team mate Lewis Hamilton had pitted, went straight into the tyre wall at high speed on the 22nd of 66 laps with the car getting stuck deep under the barrier.
The team had no radio contact after the impact, while Kovalainen was slumped unconscious in the cockpit with track marshalls trying to pull the car out.

Eventually he was pulled free from the car and gave a thumbs-up sign, as he was taken away on a stretcher in a neck brace while the safety car was deployed.
He was taken to the circuit medical centre, where officials said he was conscious and stable, before being flown by helicopter to hospital in Barcelona.

Television footage showed the McLaren’s front left tyre suddenly deflated moments before the car left the track at high speed

“As far as we can tell, because we’ve now got the parts, is that a wheel failed. It’s a very unusual occurrence,” said Dennis.
“It was a brand new wheel effectively so we will have to analyse the components. But it’s 99.9 percent certain the wheel failed.”
Dennis said the team had satisfied themselves from looking at the data during the ensuing safety car period that it was safe for Hamilton to continue in the race.

The British driver said it had never crossed his mind that he might have to stop but he had been concerned about his team mate’s condition.

“I came past and I saw there was a car in the wall and it just looked red so I didn’t know if it was one of us or the Ferraris,” said Hamilton.
“I did actually see a glimpse of the footage on the (big screen) TV and it looked very reminiscent of my incident last year at the Nuerburgring. So I was a bit terrified really for whoever it was because I saw the impact was quite heavy.
“The team told me it was Heikki, they didn’t know how he was immediately but Ron came onto the radio half way through and said that he was okay but slightly concussed. I’m sure he’ll bounce back.

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Sorry for the lack of updates for the Spanish Grand Prix, as i was in Barcelona for this race.

Well what an eventful race this one was

Kimi Raikkonen extended his Formula One lead to nine points with a dominant win from pole position in the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday.
Felipe Massa sealed Ferrari’s second successive one-two finish, and third win in a row.
Lewis Hamilton took third place to revive his title challenge after a disappointing last race in Bahrain.
“When we qualified fifth we knew it would be very difficult to beat the Ferraris,” said Hamilton. “The key was to get a good start and make up as many places as possible.
“We had two bad races and to come back on the podium is fantastic.”

Raikkonen’s 17th grand prix win left the Finn with 29 points, nine clear of closest rival Hamilton, and catapulted Ferrari back in front of BMW Sauber in the constructors’ standings.
“If we wanted, we could have gone a bit faster but there was no point in pushing more than we need to,” said Raikkonen, who still set the fastest lap.

Spaniard Fernando Alonso, who started on the front row for Renault, retired on lap 35 with a blown engine but he had already fallen down the field after being the first driver to refuel.

While Raikkonen had an uneventful afternoon in the sunshine, his fellow countryman Heikki Kovalainen was flown to hospital with concussion after his McLaren plunged across the gravel and into a tyre wall.
Kovalainen had been leading at the time after both Ferraris and Hamilton had made their first pitstops.
“He banged his head in the accident and has concussion. As a precaution he is going to hospital to have more checks,” McLaren chief executive Martin Whitmarsh told reporters outside the circuit’s medical centre.

The safety car was deployed following Kovalainen’s crash, having already been brought out after Sebastian Vettel’s Toro Rosso and Force India’s Adrian Sutil collided on the first lap.
Poland’s Kubica finished fourth, moving him up to third in the championship with 19 points, ahead of Massa on 18, with Australian Mark Webber fifth in a Red Bull.

Britain’s Jenson Button finished sixth for Honda’s first points of the year while Japan’s Kazuki Nakajima was seventh for Williams and Italian Jarno Trulli eighth for Toyota.

 Pos Driver Team Times
1. K. Räikkönen Ferrari 1:38:19.051
2. F. Massa Ferrari + 3.228
3. L. Hamilton McLaren + 4.187
4. R. Kubica BMW Sauber + 5.694
5. M. Webber Red Bull Racing + 35.938
6. J. Button Honda + 53.010
7. K. Nakajima Williams + 58.244
8. J. Trulli Toyota + 59.435
9. N. Heidfeld BMW Sauber + 1:03.073
10. G. Fisichella Force India + 1 Lap
11. T. Glock Toyota + 1 Lap
12. D. Coulthard Red Bull Racing + 1 Lap
13. T. Sato Super Aguri F1 + 1 Lap
Non Finishers
14. N. Rosberg Williams  
15. F. Alonso Renault  
16. R. Barrichello Honda  
17. H. Kovalainen McLaren  
18. A. Davidson Super Aguri F1  
19. S. Bourdais Toro Rosso  
20. N. Piquet Jr. Renault  
21. A. Sutil Force India  
  22. S. Vettel Toro Rosso  


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Circuit De Catalunya 

Grand Prix officials have give a stern warning that if Spain does not take action to stop racist attacks on British track ace Lewis Hamilton, it could lose the chance of a hosting a Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya in April

Over the weekend a lot of racist abuse was directed at Lewis Hamilton
Several banners and fans were removed from the circuit, and police were called in. It was also reported on Sunday, that some people painted their faces black and were wearing t – shirts with the slogan ” Hamiltons Family ” on the front and “Alonso No 1” on the back.

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has condemned the behaviour and threatened Spain with punishment if further racism is reported.
An FIA spokesman said: “FIA are surprised and disappointed at the abuse directed at Lewis Hamilton. An act of this kind is a clear breach of the principles enshrined in the FIA statutes, and any repetition will result in sanctions.”


The Circuit de Catalunya wishes to explain its position regarding the actions of a minority of spectators on Friday, February 1st during the test session of Formula One teams:

1.- The total number of spectators during the three days of the event was 55,000 fans with a general attitude of respectful and excellent behaviour during the whole session. The Circuit de Catalunya particularly wants to thank the majority of fans for their attitude, and kindly seeks public recognition of this.

2.- We strongly support the FIA’s position with regards to fighting against all racial, political or religious discrimination in motor sport.

3.- The Circuit de Catalunya will not allow even the smallest incident to repeat itself within its facilities, and new measures are currently being taken into consideration in addition to those implemented during the latest sessions. These measures have been studied with the support of the Catalan Police and the Circuit’s security services, and they will be reinforced in the upcoming tests sessions and at the Gran Premio de España Telefónica de Formula One.

4.- That the Gran Premio de España Telefónica de Formula One represents the image of a country in the world and the Circuit de Catalunya will not accept any abuse of this image through racist attitudes or attacks on sporting competitions. The Circuit requests the Grand Prix to be the genuine meeting point for all the different supporters of drivers and teams in our sport. Especially to represent the welcome and sporting values of our country and our national sponsor.

5.- In case of sanctions, the Circuit de Catalunya may consider the possibility of taking legal actions against those who caused the incidents, regardless of the magnitude.

6.- The Circuit de Catalunya will officially state its position to the FIA, the Real Federación Española de Automovilismo (Spanish Motorsports Federation) and the rest of circuits in Spain, with special interest for those who also host Formula One tests.


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 Mark Webber
On the last day of F1 testing in Barcelona, Mark Webber has finished top of the time sheets.
Jenson Button finished last, outpaced by his team mate Barrichello
Yesterday’s fastest timed man Vettel finished 10th today.
Hamilton was also just beaten by team mate Kovalainen
Testing will start in Bahrain tomorrow for Ferrari & Toyota
Final Times Of The Day :
Pos Driver Team Car Time Diff  Laps
1. M. Webber Red Bull Racing RB4 1:22.385   61
2. H. Kovalainen McLaren MP4-23 1:22.422 +0.037 66
3. L. Hamilton McLaren MP4-23 1:22.459 +0.074 75
4. R. Kubica BMW Sauber F1.08 1:22.492 +0.107 64
5. F. Alonso Renault R28 1:22.509 +0.124 62
6. N. Heidfeld BMW Sauber F1.08 1:22.874 +0.489 58
7. S. Bourdais Toro Rosso STR2 1:22.877 +0.492 64
8. D. Coulthard Red Bull Racing RB4 1:22.889 +0.504 67
9. N. Piquet Jr. Renault R28 1:23.039 +0.654 64
10. S. Vettel Toro Rosso STR2 1:23.232 +0.847 52
11. R. Barrichello Honda RA108 1:23.795 +1.410 65
12. A. Sutil Force India F8-VII 1:23.800 +1.415 86
13. J. Button Honda RA108 1:23.808 +1.423 67

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Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has apparantly suffered some racist abuse from Spanish fans during testing in Barcelona.
Spanish media said the McLaren driver was booed and insulted whenever he made his way from the team motorhome and into the pit area on Saturday.
Shouts of “puto negro” (bloody/f**ing black) and “negro de mierda” (black s***) were clearly heard
“It is not right the way he is being treated,” McLaren test team manager Indy Lull was quoted as saying.
The Barcelona circuit director then asked for fences to be put up around the McLaren paddock and immediatley ordered the removal of banners that had been put up in the grandstand opposite
“We would like to make a plea to the fans to behave correctly, no type of offensive behaviour can be tolerated,” circuit director Ramon Pradera said

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Kazuki Nakajima 

The Williams F1 team have decided to pack up and head back to their headquarters in the UK after only 2 days of testing in Barcelona

The had new parts flown in on Frank Williams private plane this morning, which were fitted to the Fw30, but the team feel they have not fully resolved the problem of what caused Nakajimas crash yesterday.

So they decided to pack up and leave.

The team hope to go to Jerez next week to test again

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