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The 2008 F1 season will have a few new rules, which you can see below

 Engine Change :

Drivers are allowed one ’free’ engine change to their car without the normal 10-place penalty on the starting grid.
This must be a competitor’s first change of the season and it must be a result of genuine engine failure rather than for tactical reasons.
Engines still have to last for two successive races. Any unscheduled change, other than the first, will incur a 10-place penalty as before.

Spare Cars :

Each team is allowed no more than two cars available for use at any one time at a grand prix. The rule effectively means there will no longer be spare cars in the garages.

Gearboxes :

Gearboxes must now last a driver for four Grand Prix weekends. They can be changed for subsequent events, however, if a car does not finish a race, while gear ratios and dog rings may be changed if “there is evident physical damage to the parts in questions”. Any unscheduled changes will incur a five-place grid penalty.

Qualifying – Fuel :

Fuel may not be added or removed from a car that takes part in Q3 of qualifying between the start of Q3 and the start of the race. This should, in theory, led to shorter first stints for the top ten cars and end any need to queue in pit lane for the beginning of the final stint as any fuel used will not be replaced for the race.

Qualifying – Format :

The first part of qualifying will now run for 20 minutes after which the slowest seven cars will be eliminated from the session. Q2 will last 15 minutes, with the final shootout between the top ten cars now lasting just ten minutes, which gets rid of the controversial fuel burning laps of last season.


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