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 Work started in December on a new pitwall at Silverstone

The new pitwall is being built for safety reasons. The new wall will be able to withstand a crash of 250 km/h

Work is in the final stages now, and should be completed very soon now, so racing and testing can commence.


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Sebastian Vettel

Torro Rosso F1 team have confirmed that is new STR3 will not be ready in time for the 1st race in Melbourne in March
The team will instead use a revised version of the 2007 STR2 car, Sebastian Vettel believes they may have an advantage over the other teams
Last week in the Valencia testing, Vettel and new team mate Sebastian Bourdais both tested the STR2B ( revised version ) with Vettel consistantly in the top 10 on all 3 days

“At the moment the car looks and feels really good,” Vettel said during last week’s Valencia test. “We will get the new car after the first three or four races so we will start the season with an evolution of the 2007 car, the STR2B”
“I see it as a benefit to start the season with a car I know and one that has overcome reliability issues in the last quarter of the ’07 season. Let’s wait and see if we are not doing better with proven material than many others in their brand new machines having to overcome teething problems.”
“We have to push the STR2B forward, We also have to see that the development of the STR3 goes in the right direction so we have a competitive car right away”

The STR3 is expected to make its grand prix debut in April.

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Menorca Test Runway 

A few days after the finish of testing in Valencia last week, Mclaren were back in action at the weekend.

Mclaren were conducting a private test at the Royal Mahon Flying Club in Menorca, Spain.

Kovalainen was behind the wheel of the MP4/23 to test for straight line speed, and aerodynamics tests. Mclaren wanted a private low key test, but they still managed to attract a few fans.

Rumours are, Lewis Hamilton will also fly in to menorca to test the same car today

The next big test starts on Friday in Barcelona.

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